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          Home About YINGJU Product R&D Center NEWS Responsibility Contact us
          R & D team SPONSTAR TECHNOLOGIES Safety certification
          Location:Home > R&D Center > R & D team

            R & D team

                 Every year Yingju Group invests 3% of Sales Avenue in research and development. And Yingju has won the honorary title of Donggaun Digital Power Research and Development center, Guangdong Province Enterprise Technology center. Yingju Group now is applying for National laboratory as to enhance R&D strength. Current Yingju has a total number of 260 professionals in the area of Applied Electronics, Electronics Products, CNC Technology, including 52 full-time R&D personnel. Dongguan Yingju enjoys 140 patents including 5 invention patents, 122 utility model patents and 13 design patents.

                 Yingju group is well equipped with all necessary laboratories including electrical lab, mechanical lab, EMC lab, and aging lab. Laboratory major equipments are thermal shock chamber, dielectric withstand voltage test and temperature rise data collector, EMI receiver, lightning and electrical pulse simulator, UL94 burning tester, XRF detector, automatic product aging test system.

          TEL:+86-0769-81837999 Ext 6901/6931



          Address: No 6, Yongxing Road, Shayao Village, Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, 523292

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